fri posted: Fri 2018-02-23 08:45:27 tags: n/a
Castle Age's latest promo is 8 copies of general Aethyx for 235 FP. (q.v. a previous promo for 8 copies of Dawn.) Thinking about how I use Aethyx, I'll take a pass on spending $90ish to rank up from 1 to 6 and buy out accessories.

I thought "even if I hit the lottery I hope I have better things to do with my time than dig that deep into Castle Age". There's a disconnect of logic there though - if unlimited play money would preclude aging my castles, then why do working-class stiffs play Castle Age at all? For most people, being freed of money and time worries would not automatically erase inertia, fear, and moments of escapist downtime. There's also something about entertainment being the fall-back to cope with the stress and struggle of life.

Mixed jogging and walking for ~1.5 mi (around the Macedonia Lake Loop, with the .3 mi side trek behind the Tryon Village shopping plaza. Half a can of chickpeas with mustard and peri-peri. Watched S1E1-3 of The Tick animated series.