sun posted: Sun 2018-02-25 20:37:01 tags: n/a
10:30 worship at Good Shepherd UCC. I didn't know much of anything about the UCC before Miss researched them. Similar to an Episcopal service, less one scripture reading (the epistles), one hymn... and the rite of Communion. Chatted with a parishioner (former UCC minister himself) who introduced me to the pastor, Rev. Carla.

Lunch at Brewery Bhavana: lap cheung (Chinese sausage) fried rice and the Glean mango peppercorn saison for me, nasi goreng crab fried rice for her. Visited Boulted Bread (Bhavana's partner in kvass production) for dessert (a brownie and a salted honey pie). Came home and napped hard til 5ish, took a walk around the lake. Leftover chili for dindins, watched The Goonies til bedtime.

I'm not much of a lottery hobbyist. I play casually, maybe 1 ticket a week (if that). Since we moved from FL I got curious about differences between FL and NC's games and odds. I knew Powerball was a multistate ("multi-jurisdiction") pool. I didn't realize Mega Millions was also. I guess I just assumed NC would have a state lottery comparable to the FL Lotto, but it seems not. So if the question is "which has a better ROI", the answer is probably Mega Millions, because the odds are somewhat better on MM despite lower jackpots on average. Either way, the odds in any given drawing are still under 1 in 300 million.