tue posted: Tue 2018-02-27 05:55:59 tags: n/a
sent 2017 documentation to my tax guy
weeded filing from my pile
shelved Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John
transcribed a couple pages of 1993 journals
Caf boost ~noon in preparation for a jog

If the M.Lake Loop is .8mi then 4 laps is about a 5K. I did 2 laps, so, 1.6mi, in maybe 35 minutes? at mixed speeds from walk to jog. No sprints yet, I need to recondition my CV and pulmonary health first.

Years ago I fiddled briefly with an open-source accounting package, GnuCash. For the same reason I wouldn't use Quickbooks or the like to manage my personal assets, GnuCash was overkill for my needs. But I do find myself wishing I had more sophisticated tools to track my retirement portfolio performance. So do lots of other people, apparently, but web searches are not turning up much for me beyond amateurs trumpeting their half-baked sourceforge repos.

Searching for a word that distinguishes photographic representation of a subject vs. artistic or literary representation of a subject. While pondering this, I also learned that theater is differentiated by presentational performance (the actor acknowledges the audience - e.g. stand-up, magician acts, TED talks etc.) vs. representational performance (the popular theatrical play format where the action does not involve or acknowledge the audience, where acknowledging the audience is "breaking the fourth wall"). And I realized that photography and film can depict actual or fictional subjects, as can painting or sculpture. So there are multiple dimensions to something as seemingly simple as representational (aka figurative) art (as contrasted with non-representational art). When I added "representational" to my art vocabulary I guess I just assumed it was the antithesis of "abstract", but TIL that technically, all art is abstract to some degree. Abstractness can be assigned a spectrum, from art that aims for photorealistic verisimilitude hampered only by the technical limits of a medium, to art that doesn't aim to represent concrete objects at all. In casual use we use "abstract" synonymously with "non-representational"; popular use leans away from describing realistically-detailed paintings of dragons or sculptures of unicorns as "abstract" even though they represent strictly imaginary objects.

Not sure when I started reading Diamonds "The World Until Yesterday"; picked it up again in the past few days because it tickles my anthropology bone.