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stripped pillowcases
watered Zena
cycled dishcloth and drying mat

Met Fr. David for lunch at Ugly Mug / Garner

farmer's market for eggs

Got my taxes figured. So, at the end of 2016 I knew I would have a stipend from work to help pay for an ACA plan in 2017, so I decided to step up from 2016's "bronze" plan choice to "silver", because it would dramatically mitigate emergency room costs in that unlikely event. But then inheriting a share of Mom's tax-deferred assets put the inheritors on the hook for that as taxable income, which of course changed the ACA tax credit calculation.

To zero.

Of course I could not have foreseen that Mom would bequeath me a tax liability. There are two ways to look at this: angrily because now my inheritance is that much less; or I can remain thankful that I inherited anything at all. Because hey, she could have died penniless, or left it all to the SPCA or the church. I'm glad she didn't die penniless. Whatever got nibbled away in taxes (including unforeseen ACA-tax-credit-consequences), I have more than I had, which made it possible to safely and comfortably bust the move to NC I'd wanted for so long.