wed posted: Wed 2018-03-07 09:27:12 tags: n/a
Only after I already committed my application for a city government position did I realize I had left the question about my past 10 years of residential addresses incomplete. They wanted it in a very specific format, including county of residence, and years and months at each address. Fortunately I had a spreadsheet list handy, but on review I noticed I had taken merely educated guesses at some of the transition dates. I was also reminded that there were not just one, but two points at which I was technically homeless - between Casa Cucaracha and Waterways (or is it... "Squatterways"?) in Sept. 2010, when I had the resources to afford a couple nights in the La Quinta east of 95 in Deerfield; and then between Waterways and Casa Cascade in Jan. 2012, when I spent a night (or was it 2) at an ExtendedStay because I felt unsafe with the deranged squatter-turned-landlord.

So I went back over my account records from that era and firmed up the dates, and created a distinct "former address" list to clean up the format of my "contact list". I also spotted a couple other errors in my CV, so I fixed that all up to get an email closer to Inbox Zero.