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MicroZap: TX startup uses microwaves to mold-proof bread, kill MRSA in hospital laundry etc.
Patent issued 2017; uniform wave application kills microorganisms without cooking/superheating.

There's a few elections and candidates I've been following especially: progressive Dems Randy "IronStache" Bryce running for Paul Ryan's WI 1st Congressional district, Abdul El-Sayed for MI governor, Paula Jean Swearingen from WV for Senate.

When we visited Historic Yates Mill Park last week, there was a movie presentation by some local environmental education nonprofit. The presenter gave us an info brochure and I said let's hold onto it to consider supporting them when we're better settled-in. Looking through daily political solicitation emails and thinking about particularly effective, important orgs like Planned Parenthood and the ACLU, I feel like I need a better heirarchy of how much and where to leverage "citizenship spending".

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On 2/5 I ordered a Hillsdale Doheny queen bed set through a local indie retailer. At that time they estimated delivery would take 10-14 days. Mon or Tue, I called to follow-up on prmise f teacking info, and they confirmed it would arrive at the Thu. Today they called to say the wrong bed had been delivered. I was willing to wait on a reshipment, but Miss wasn't, so I told them to cancel and refund the order.

Then I found the same item sold by and shipped from Amazon, for about 33% less. Add Amazon's "expert set-up" and a $100 box spring from wherever else, and we were back within 1% of the indie retailer's price. So I was ready to place the Amazon order, but now Miss's objection was there was only 1 review on Amazon, so she wanted to cart it in hopes of a price drop. OK, whatever. BUT meanwhile, she launched an intensive project of shopping other bed manufacturers and retailers. After hours of her occupying herself thus, we reviewed her shortlist and narrowed it to a few I would consider "acceptable" if for some reason the Amazon order didn't come through. I suspect now she feels invested in her shopping results, but I don't want another bed. I want the one I chose, or one similar. I feel like the time spent looking at non-similar styles is basically reneging on a choice that was previously agreed to.