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You'd think after so many years, I'd be able to manage backups in my sleep. But no. I am at least pretty satisfied with the strategy I've ironed out - nightly encrypted backups to a removable drive, backed by on-demand sync to free cloud storage. I would have preferred one-way backup in lieu of the cloud widget's syncing decisions, as it's a bit of a drag to have to manually rearrange folder structure in the cloud when I want to change up my local filing conventions. But certainly something I can live with in a strategy with no costs beyond the local backup hardware.

Chowhound 2010: Which foundational cookbook would you give a beginning 23yo cook?
Repeatedly suggested:
Cooking - James Peterson
BH+G Cookbook
How to Cook Everything - Mark Bittman
America's Test Kitchen's Family Cookbook
The Cook's Book - Jill Norman
Fannie Farmer Cookbook and Supper Book

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I think it was the Paws for Cause thrift shop in S. Raleigh where Miss fell in love with a sturdy homemade mobile workbench. We agreed it would be a great seminal DIY project. This kind of got me yearning for space and tools for more DIY stuff, and as we sift endlessly through used furniture and decor, I keep seeing things that I feel like I could build or paint to taste with just a little investment in skill. I probably underestimate the skill involved in even seemingly simple, broad-stroke wall art pieces, but it should not be rocket science to build a sturdy, aesthetically pleasing wood bed frame.

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It looked like Durham had more need of renewal and affordable housing than Raleigh, and certainly Cary. The availability and provenance of social services to prevent and reverse homelessness in the Triangle is definitely different from what I saw in South Palm Beach and Broward counties, so in my mental downtime moments as a passenger yesterday, I realized I should be better acquainted with the pertinent comparative statistics, government policies and programs, and NGO resources, if fighting homelessness is still really a personal mission.

Palm Beach County
Perpective on any stats about homelessness begins with population and density: ~1.4M in 2015, or 722/sq.mi. Dec 2015 MyPalmBeachPost: only 290 homeless counted in Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach and Boca Raton (up from 233 in 2013). From personal experience I know this has to be way short of reality. I would guess more like 3 to 5 times that many unsheltered homeless and Lord knows how many chronically couch-surfing or "getting back on their feet" with friends/family.

Homeless Coalition PBC: a 2017 PB Co. DHHS homeless count identified 1607 homeless "individuals and families"... not an estimate of individuals, nor any breakdown of how many "individuals" vs. "families" that number encompasses. The same stats-anthology page says "4295 students were identified as homeless within the Palm Beach County School District in May 2017". Other sources amplify the stat that 2017 homelessness was up 11.5% from 2015 - which seems strangely precise, given the apparent lack of methodology to estimate the number of homeless individuals. Meanwhile, a 2016 report on Florida homeless only counted 1332 homeless in PB Co in 2016, down 89 from 2015.

Broward County
With a 2015 population of 1.9M (1524/sq.mi. - denser than Miami-Dade Co.), Broward seems much more interested in collecting meaningful statistics. The Broward Point-In-Time project identified 2450 homeless individuals in 2017. Only 6.5% of those were families. There were almost as many unaccompanied homeless youth as homeless in family groups. Almost 1 in 4 were chronically homeless. If the PB Co. school district identified 4300 homeless students, and if we can project the Broward percentage of homeless minors (10%) onto PB Co, we should expect upward of 30,000 total homeless in Palm Beach Co. So clearly there is some disconnect between the ways the Palm Beach school district and the county and state DHHS identify an individual as "homeless".

Wake County
Wake Co. 2015 population was ~1.0M (1253/sq.mi. in 2016). According to Raleigh Rescue Mission, Wake Co. has over 4000 homeless, and ~2736 of those are public school students.

Identifying bona fide shelters is not as simple as Googling e.g. "homeless shelters in Palm Beach County". Homeless Shelter Directory and its ilk return programs that are not shelters per se, and often ignore actual shelters like The Lewis Center (60 beds) in WPB. There is a stigma, and a distinct danger of criminal predation, in being identified as a client of a homeless shelter, so I get the reticence of bona fide shelters to plainly publicize themselves as such.