wed - CA legendary alchemy ladder posted: Wed 2018-03-14 00:19:22 tags: gaming
Phantom / Glorious Amulet requires Chromus / Arcane Warbanner
Phantom / Shiny Glove requires Chromus / Divine Sky Breaker

Chromus / Divine Sky Breaker requires 2x Cronus / Astaroth Blade
Chromus / Arcane Warbanner requires 2x Cronus / Astaroth Amulet

Ouroboros / Maw of the Void requires Cronus / Astaroth Blade and Samael / Helm of the Dragon God
Ouroboros / Elendal Crushers requires Samael / Dragonscale Chestguard

Samael / Helm of the Dragon God requires Vargulis / Magmaflame
Samael / Dragonscale Chestguard requires Vargulis / Flamebound Destroyer

* * *

C.Astaroth and Vargulis's alchemy projects have no alchemy prerequisites. The damage required to farm drops from C.Astaroth is about 102 million. With my max stam closing in on 1000 base (1100+ with general Solara equipped), I can manage that with 3-4 stam refills, or perhaps over the course of a slow kill. Vargulis's assured legendary drop threshold is more like 200M, i.e. strictly pay2win, not even a slow-kill target... UNLESS you coordinate with other players to lock "ultimate mode" and take advantage of bonus damage and crit probability. This, more than stance, is the real evolution of 5th-gen monsters - the strong incentive to real-time cooperation.

C.Astaroth was first in the line of "5th generation" monsters (due to introduction of the "stance" mechanic), followed by Vargulis and Samael. Only with the introduction of Ouroboros and Chromus did we start seeing legendary alchemies with class-specific bonuses: poison and evasion from the Ouroboros projects, and Enrage and Divine Favor bonuses from Chromus's. The next monster release, phantoms, gave us glove and amulet projects with no side bonuses besides curiously strong Divine Power, foreshadowing a 6th-generation monster evolution with new divine armor thresholds to overcome. But we're also still waiting for a legendary monster with warrior-oriented project alchemies.

Cronus Astaroth's amulet and blade legendary 3-stage alchemies, and Vargulis's legendary magic and off-hand have no legendary alchemy prerequisites, but they do require ownership of conquest-path end goals:
Astaroth Amulet: Elite Dragonslayer Pendant, Elite Warbringer Pendant
Astaroth Blade: Elite Dragonslayer Blade, Elite Warbringer Longblade
Magmaflame: Elite Dragonslayer Bow, Elite Retribution Amulet
Flamebound Destroyer (off-hand): Elite Retribution Aegis, Elite Warbringer Shield

Let's assume that your ultimate goal is Chromus's Arcane Warbanner and Divine Sky Breaker. They require ownership of 2 each of C.Astaroth's 3rd-stage alchemies. The number of kills required gets to be staggering, so you'll want to set intermediate goals.

First, kill 20+ C.Astaroth to farm 10 each of the legendary drops, Vial of Burning Blood and Vial of Freezing Blood. Combine them with 5 of each type of epic "scale" drop (Empowered Emerald, Burning Ruby, and Pristine Azure), and you've got 1 Hydra Blade (1st stage blade). Do that all over again, twice, so you have 3 Hydra Blades. Then farm up any necessary additional scales until you have 15 each, and glom them together to make 1 Hydra Amulet. THEN glom the 3 Hydra Blades and 1 Hydra Amulet together, to form a Cronus Blade (2nd stage). Do all THAT all over again, so you have 2 Cronus Blades. If you have the conquest path prereq items, then you can combine the Cronus Blades into 1 Astaroth Blade (3rd stage).

To recap, count along with me... 2 Astaroth Blades = 4 Cronus Blades = 12 Hydra Blades = 240 legendary blood vial drops. Each kill will drop at most 1 vial, with ~1% chance of no legendary drop regardless of damage.

Astaroth Amulets follow a similar 3-stage alchemy process: an Astaroth Amulet is made of 2 Cronus Amulets, which are each made of 3 Hydra Amulets + 1 Hydra Blade. So for the Chromus goals you need another 4 Hydra Blades, i.e. another 80 legendary blood vial drops. 320 kills before you even start farming Chromus drops.

* * *

One may reasonably ask both "is it worth it" and "are there any comparably attractive alternatives". The Astaroth Blade is not the best-in-slot weapon for a pierce build; that would be Ouroboros's 3-stage Maw of the Void. BUT owning at least 1 Astaroth Blade is a prerequisite for the Maw of the Void alchemy anyway, AND Ouroboros is at best an uncommon spawn from "hard mode" Land of Mist exploration. 1 Ouroboros per week is probably a very liberal estimate. So realistically, unless you're spending FP like water, Astaroth Blade is going to be your best available offensive weapon for a long time. And if you decide to flip off Ouroboros and aim for Chromus's Divine Sky Breaker instead, then you're back to aiming for TWO Astaroth Blades.

What about the Astaroth Amulet? With 90 Physical Resist, it's the best defensive amulet in the game, and again it's a prereq for the later project alchemies, including the best offensive amulet in the game (Glorious Amulet). So you may as well get started.