sat posted: Sat 2018-03-17 16:09:41 tags: n/a
Perused job listings
Springform pan for Miss
Shredder for me

The BH+G cookbook has not been hard to find in thrift shops, but mostly the 3-ring format and how do you know if that's been cannibalized? I don't want to discover in 6 months that 3 particularly interesting recipes are just missing. The Betty Crocker cookbook has been harder to find. So I added them (cheap used, paperback not binder formats) to my Amazon cart.

My cart already held a two-pack of signal whistles and a two-pack of best-seller, high-rated waterproof flashlights. We have flashlights around, it's true, but they are almost certainly not waterproof. For the price, I don't mind stowing them with an emergency kit while we keep the cheap ones closer at hand in utility drawers.

While we're out thrifting I sometimes get little flashes of inspiration about cannibalizing old picture books for collage art, repurposing lace as a sort of offset process texture, etc. This growing interest in expressing myself artistically, or in craftsmanship e.g. in glass, nudged me to add a poseable wooden mannequin (13" tall, under $10, reasonably well-rated), mostly for Miss but I may get some use out of it in time too.