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Clearly the NRA, as a gun industry lobby org, wants a nation flooded with guns because everybody wants a gun because everybody feels like guns are already everywhere and thinks they'll feel safer with a gun. The realities are: if you own a gun, the likelihood of fending off a gun-toting home invasion or foiling an armed robbery with your gun, is much less than the likelihood of injuring yourself or a loved one with your gun, or becoming a victim of gun theft, or having your gun snatched and used against you. In short, having a gun is more dangerous than not having one.

Google: having a gun is more dangerous etc.
Scientific American: yup
LA Times: Stanford study agrees

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Alarm at 7:01, up ~7:30, dress and caffeinate to be ready for bed delivery expected today.
Shred all the shredding. Thrift shop shredder find works fine.

Q: what DRM'ed titles would be worth reinvestment for DRM-free editions? A: Not many, actually
A lot of my presumably DRM'ed digital cloud platform library consists of Bookbub bargain impulse buys that I wouldn't care if they survived a pole flip or solar flare. Others have been in print for decades and show no signs of going out-of-print. And still others are public domain, e.g. the ASV translation of The Bible, or Abbott's "Flatland".

Finish reading the IndyWeek:Durham 3/7 article about a trial housing program in Durham
Added Families Moving Forward and Reinvestment Partners to career-move radar

Continued transcription from 1993 journals. In early Sep. there was an especially long tedious entry where I was trying to reconcile my then-new faith with my previous Randroid moral compass. That's as overintellectualized and naively idealistic as it sounds. It reminds me a little of Wilhelm Reich's autobiographical "Passion of Youth", covering 1897-1922. Reich was born in 1897, ergo in '22 he was only 25, which is about what I was in 1993. In whatever other ways Reich may have been extraordinary, his awkward, naive inner life was on full display in "Passion of Youth", so the world will have to forgive me if I don't care to add my own awkward, fumbling 25-year-old internal process to the genre.

Pick a restaurant for Sat 4/14