Emergency kit specifics posted: Mon 2018-03-19 10:53:41 tags: n/a
3-day supply of nonperishable food per person:
Single-serve small cans or heat-sealed cups fruit: pineapple, peaches, cocktail, applesauce
Canned chickpeas
Canned tuna, salmon, kippered herring, deviled ham or chicken spread
At least 1 open and 1 extra jar of peanut butter in rotation
Ditto box crackers in rotation
Ditto unsalted nuts (almonds, cashew, pistachio)
Ditto airtight zip food storage bags (quart and gallon)
Powdered or canned evaporated milk (not condensed), instant coffee, tea, cocoa
Chewing gum - keeps your mouth occupied in rationed food conditions.

Personal sanitation needs:
Sealed moist wipes will keep long time
Small (4 gal) heavy trash bags and twist ties
At least 1 spare sealed hand sanitizer in rotation

It's easy to imagine how in a post-disaster scenario, people will be more prone to scratches and scrapes as they clear debris, patch home damage, etc. The lack of clean running water and hot water makes sanitation, preventive hygiene, and prompt minor wound treatment especially critical, because in a state of emergency, hospitals and clinics will be overworked with more serious cases if they're open at all.