community foundations posted: Fri 2018-03-23 15:04:39 tags: giving
One of the events going on this week in/around Raleigh is a 5K to benefit charities building clean water infrastructure in India. When I circulated in St. Gregory's charity community, we did a lot for South Florida Haiti Project to provide a well, an orphanage, a school, houses, and solar power infrastructure to a village in Haiti that isn't even labeled on Google Maps.

As gratifying as it was to be able to support those projects, I would love even more to contribute to foundations in MY OWN COMMUNITY that provide ever-increasing minimum utilities to residents.

Like, yay us, we built a well for a little village of 50-100 so they didn't have to walk 2 miles up a mountain each day for water. A well they couldn't afford, but now presumably their water supply is free. If a hurricane ruins their crops and blows down some houses, we'll send them food and help them rebuild. I don't begrudge them these assurances of support. I'm just saying it seems backward that people in need in my own community go hungry or homeless while we send so much aid thousands of miles away. It seems wrong that Flint, MI has more polluted water than some not-even-a-dot-on-a-map in one of the world's poorest countries.