mon posted: Mon 2018-03-26 13:49:12 tags: n/a
Notta Ibotta fan
After 9 months or so using Ibotta, my experience is - it's almost a coin-toss whether the app will recognize the UPC for any specific item offer. Usually you can do an end-run by locating an image of a different UPC for the same product on the internets, and scanning that image. Their help website also relates a 7-step process to submit a claim to their assistance team for unrecognized UPCs. It's not that the scanner fails to read the barcode, it's that the codes are often not linked to the right product, or perhaps to any product? in their database. Whatever the case, it takes a certain mindset to cheerfully trudge through all that just to get 25 cents here or a buck there. Time is money, and if you're not saving at least minimum wage in your total couponing time investment, then you're wasting time and therefore wasting money. Put another way, if the time spent, from browsing offers to submitting and following-up on the unrecognized-UPC claims, takes just 5 minutes per failure, then you'd have to stand to gain AT LEAST 61 cents on EACH failure for the whole mess not to be a waste of time. If you're jumping through those hoops for less than minimum wage then you would be doing yourself a service to stop couponing and start picking up some part-time hours at the Mal*wart instead.