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Protein choices blog: Stonyfield whole milk greek yogurt
Strawberry: 12g protein / 150 kcal = .0800 protein index
Plain: 15g protein / 120 kcal = .1167 p.index

Been plowing through a lot of movies, between Monk episodes, via Prime lately. Last night it was Greenfingers (2000). Before that in most recent memory were Moonlight (2016) and Thanks for Sharing (2012). Moonlight was an OK story, heartwrenching at times but I kind of felt like Chiron's transformation to thug was disjointed and non-credible. Also, it was hard to follow closely if you're not attuned to the dialect. The direction and scene-setting were pretty immaculate though.

"Thanks for Sharing" was billed as a romantic comedy. There are comical elements but in fact it grapples with some really gritty material. I was positively uncomfortable at the Becky/Daddy roleplay scene, probably because Becky is already established as passive-aggressive and a hint of unstable. There is a delicate balance in a movie about such adult issues, to handle the subject with authenticity without letting it devolve into caricature nor gratuitous indulgence. We get an impression that Becky has initiated and directed this roleplay scene so many times that it's rote. Then her consequent meltdown doesn't ring so true, but I suppose that was necessary to segue Dr. Neil back into the story.

how to make friends
If you're a bibliophile, it's hard to think about the process of making friends academically without the title of Dale Carnegie's 1936 self-help manual, How to Win Friends and Influence People springing to mind. Carnegie's techniques are bullet-point summarized in the Wikipedia article. What the article doesn't tell us is how to maintain integrity and assert one's own needs if, according to the manual, we "don't criticize, condemn, or complain". Carnegie claims his book only "works" if you use the techniques from a position of compassion and integrity. The most consistent criticism is that no, Carnegie's tools, WHEN they work, they certainly DO work whether your goal is to understand and cooperate, or merely to manipulate for selfish ends. In counterpoint, consider how to make friends without having to "influence" or manipulate them.