sun posted: Sun 2018-04-29 05:34:52 tags: n/a
FRI at work I overheard about a community flea market SAT at the Century Link building in Wake Forest, and I thought Miss would enjoy it so we put it on our Saturday agenda. By the time we got there just short of noon, the event was packing up to leave, my bad. On the way back we donated my hardcopy of Metamagical Themas to Brewery Bhavana. Then we checked out Cary's "Lazy Daze" arts + crafts festival. I did not realize it was going to be a sprawling outdoor fair, so I did not have a hat to shield 1hp of sun damage. War*malt for a belt and protein bars and a spray bottle; not found: Ultra Max deodorant, 100mg JetAlert. Publix for lotto tix, script pickup, avocado and seltzer. At home, Miss ordered pizza, watched Murder on the Orient Express (2017).

Thought about cashflow projection to payday following 60 days out from start date of the temp job, which works out to around Thu Jun 21. (Well, 59 days, since the start date itself counts as 1 day.) Anyway, it's a day shy of 9 weeks. The Temp Job has been a nice stepping-stone because it exposed me to current business practice in a thriving, midsize for-profit (compared to the dysfunctional small-biz fishbowl of The Bad Job, or the antiquated systems of EC) and deepened my accounting support skills. The good directions this could go are: they offer me a permanent position at a rate that supports my financial goals; I leverage strong fresh references to find a job I'll feel even better about; or the temp agency places me in another similar temp slot.

I'm not exactly fascinated with what the client does, but I feel tons better about them than I did about The Bad Job. If they can offer a pay rate and benefits that keep Miss and I on track to our goals then I guess I could stand it.

* * *

Thu's counseling session ended right at the same stuck point we had reached on our own, with no homework or suggestion of how either of us can or should reframe our perceptions to harmonize our feelings.