sat - Swiss Miss discrepancies posted: Sat 2018-05-05 05:47:50 tags: n/a
Swiss Miss Classics Milk Chocolate 19 oz:
"Makes 28 (6 oz) servings)", i.e. 1.47 servings per dry oz
"As Much CALCIUM as an 8oz Glass of Milk"
per 6 oz serving (2 tbsp):
   80 calories
   1.5g sat fat
   140mg sodium
   7g sugars
30% DV calcium

Swiss Miss Classics Milk Chocolate 28.5 oz:
"Makes About 43 (6oz) Servings", i.e. 1.51 servings per dry oz
per 3 tbsp (8 oz) serving:
   120 calories (50% more)
   2.5g sat fat (66% more)
   190mg sodium (~30% more)
   15g sugars (over 100% more)
50% DV calcium (66% more)

Both sizes give detailed nutrition info for 2 tbsp with 6oz water vs. 3 tbsp with 8oz water mix ratios. Apparently ConAgra changed the formulation AND package-front quick nutrition labeling basis between sizes. The smaller package front label is based on the 2-tbsp mix ratio while the larger package front is based on 3 tbsp. The larger size, despite being purchased more recently, has a sooner expiration date so I think that's the more current formulation. Based on apples-to-apples comparison of each label's 3-tbsp nutrition info, this more current formula has more fat and sugar and therefore more calories; marginally less sodium and marginally more potassium; more protein but who cares at 1 vs. 2g per serving; and the same amount of calcium.

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