sat - primary ballot review posted: Sat 2018-05-05 08:30:13 tags: citizenship
q.v. 2018 NC Dem primary sample ballot
Ballotpedia: NC 4th congressional district
Michelle Laws - For a PhD in social science, I wasn't impressed with her website composition. And after so much said about boldness and vociferation, her policy positions are unspecific. "Unbought and unbossed" is great, but the continual hammering of religious identity over policy specifics makes me question Laws's priorities with regard to reproductive choice or cannabis decriminalization, for example. Third pick.

David Price - A veteran incumbent with a well-established progressive track record. In a "blue tide" legislature flip, Price is well-positioned to lead Dems with experience and progressive values. First pick.

Richard Watkins - Immunology and Microbiology PhD, founder and CEO of 501(c)(3) Science Policy Action Network (SPAN). I think Watkins's energy could easily be wasted in national congressional politics, but he could also be a valuable policy-maker. Second pick.

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NC House of Representatives: Duane Hall vs. Allison Dahle.
(Heather Metour is on the sample ballot but dropped out in March.)
First-pick Allison Dahle is supported by pro-choice orgs Emily's List and Lillian's List. Incumbent Duane Hall's aura is tainted by multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, followed by calls from NC governor (D) Roy Cooper and the state Dem party org to step down. His legislative track record is pretty solidly progressive.

Wake Co Board of Commissioners (general)
Incumbents: "they thought they bought us, but we didn't stay bought so now they're trying to buy challengers"
One smear against incumbents involves turning a failed golf course into a county park, which happened to benefit a few commissioners' home property values. Something very similar made for political mudslinging fodder back in Boca. When a golf course fails and the county or city is left holding the bag as tax liens pile up, it has to be possibly rezoned, sold and redeveloped, with all the potential traffic headaches that suggests; or else it has to be repurposed as some kind of greenspace. Letting it crumble and go wild is rarely a smart move. That said...

District 4: incumbent Erv Portman vs. 1st pick Susan Evans. Erv owns WestStar Precision, a machining and manufacturing company in Apex. He should stick with managing his business OR politics. I'm leery of industrial capitalists who treat politics as a side business.