sun posted: Sun 2018-05-06 07:37:29 tags: n/a
A full-time workload, which I haven't had since before EC, on the client's platforms instead of a machine I have full admin control over, and where 4G data access is spotty at best outside lunch hours... means I have a lot less time to blog. For better or worse.

In the post-Cambridge-Analytica, post-Orange-Tide epoch, I also feel like I have less to say. Railing against right-wing lies on Facebook or whatever is counterproductive - it only drives the wool-eyed deeper into their ideological Stockholm. This is why I didn't pursue a career in psych - it defies my intuition to have to sidle up to psychosis and build rapport over a wall of addled perception. If the patient says they see and hear people who aren't there, my instinct is to say "well, nobody else sees them; you're hallucinating". Now, hallucinatory disorders are merely the most dramatic, clear-cut example of the problems in the field. Confronting the elephant in the room, or dismissing the elephant that isn't... apparently it's counterproductive no matter how intuitive. If the patient is rattled by an elephant that isn't there, then your rapport has to acknowledge and work with the elephant. They can't just function as if it isn't there, it's up to the clinician to function as if it is. You'd think my D+D experience, on both sides of the world-building and storytelling interchange, would make it easier to enter into the patient's world, but no actually. Maybe sometime in the future I'll reevaluate that direction, but not this season.

Dave Secretary of "TIME FOR SOME STORIES" fame on "peak story"