wed posted: Wed 2018-05-09 17:39:23 tags: n/a
FastCompany: How to figure out if you're in the wrong job
Of the 5 common motivators cited, my first impulse would be to say "autonomy" and "purpose" top my priority sort. But in fact, even when I had plenty of "purpose", I did not do well with "autonomy". My father often said "nobody ever got rich working for somebody else", which tells you something about the value he placed on both money, and autonomy. But nobody gets rich in a vacuum either; depending how you pursue wealth, you may as well call the customer or the market your boss because they're going to dictate a lot of details of when, where, how much, and for how much you work. You get to work in your pajamas with your cat curled up in your lap? Great, so how much do you lose in 401(k) leverage for that luxury?

MentalFloss: Improve your (emotional) vocabulary with the Wheel of Feelings
Some months, maybe as much as a year back, I took note of an article about a new study that challenged older models of 8, 7 or 6 "primary" emotions. The newer study, from a Scotland university I think, boiled it down to 4 emotions. Strange that we should simultaneously strive to identify the distinctions between indivisible or elemental emotions, and also populate a namespace with their interplays.