sun posted: Sun 2018-05-13 06:54:23 tags: healing
Another big theme in A.I. was the parent-child bond. Rather than over-explicate, suffice it to say it stirred some challenging feelings so close after the 1-year mark since Mom passed, and right before Mothers Day at that. Mothers Day was difficult last year. I suppose it will always be a little sad, but already not achingly so. Mom would not want us kids to get too mired in grief.

How do you not get mired in grief? "Emotional resilience" sounds great but what does it mean? It's a constellation of cognitive skills that work together to make emotional burdens more bearable. Accurately identifying, acknowledging without shame, taking ownership of and responsibility for feelings, processing, integrating, and carrying them forward appropriately.

In my stint of counseling with Dawn, she touched on a formulaic approach to the technique of "taking responsibility" for feelings, and I've searched my notes but it seems I didn't get around to recording her process: visualize a connection with the Inner Child; identify the feeling; acknowledge it verbally to yourself in a form that asserts ownership, e.g. "I felt betrayed and afraid when the bully pushed me"; take responsibility for parenting the wounded Inner Child (and there's where I'm sorry I didn't record an example promptly).