sun posted: Sun 2018-05-20 14:43:34 tags: n/a
Paid cable interwebs and that's all the monthly utilities \o/
Watched The Golden Compass, Miss felt it lacked closure and was hard to follow. I reckon we probably just didn't pay close enough attention to a couple of scenes, plus impenetrable UK accents sometimes.

Hummingbirds are hitting the feeder regularly since I noticed one buzz the porch early yesterday, whereupon I promptly filled and re-hung it.

Deadpool 2 - while still as much an off-color, fourth-wall-shattering comedy as 1, it also managed to pull off some genuinely touching moments. Miss felt 2 was not quite good as 1. I think it's genius in its way, I like them both immensely but if I had to pick one and never be allowed to see the other again I suppose I would pick DP1 just because origin stories usually have more depth and humanity than continuing-adventures-of episodes.

By the time we finished watching Downsizing (2017) last night, it was dusk. Pesto chx with rice and asparagus. I don't think I ever made aspargus just on a whim like this before. It came out pretty good, which is good because we needed something to add to the green vegetable rotation of salad, broccoli, peas.