sun posted: Sun 2018-05-27 08:18:28 tags: n/a
Inbox Zero \o/
I get a lot of political donation and petition begs, but these are probably the easiest/quickest thing to process or discard. What was hard to wrap my head around for a while was how to disposition the ongoing flow of activity suggestions, inputs on shared goals e.g. furniture or rings, and honey-do emails. I had to create and prioritize some folders but I'm fairly satisfied with the way I'm handling it now.

We've both been working for 6+ weeks now so it was high time to start moving ahead with furnishing our home more. We looked at Conn's and a couple thrifts and finally Ashley for a suitable dining set. Ashley had a couple that seemed like they would work, but I couldn't visualize the space well enough to be comfortable buying without measuring for certain. Plus we wanted to check if Kimbrell or even Amazon had the same item for less. And it turns out Amazon did, by a significant margin. This will let us rotate the table we have now into its originally-intended spot in Miss's art space.

We were on the fence whether to throw our grocery money at someone other than Publix, due to their high-profile right-wing political contributions. They published a statement to the effect that they won't do it again (visibly), so that's where we grocery'd yesterday. Thinking about it thios morning, I wonderd, well, doesn't Amazon do the same thing? The difference being, the money Amazon throws at politicians is pretty evenly split between Dems and Pubs, while Publix's political buy-in was skewed strongly to the Pub side. Nevertheless, I'd be a lot happier with Amazon if they air-conditioned their distro centers and gave stock-pickers better wages, instead of throwing piles of money at politicians.