asheville 2nd visit recap posted: Sun 2018-06-03 18:36:26 tags: travel, faith
Thu eve or Fri afternoon in Castle Age I won a free treasure chest roll, and shook epic general Kang out of the Corruption chest. Of course I didn't have time to alliance and level him up, so that's lined up as soon as I recap the weekend's travel.

Left work early Fri to get a head start on driving to Cedar Wood Inn in Flat Rock. I suggested a scenic route that wouldn't add but a couple minutes to the route, and that went over well. Dinner at Black Rose in downtown Hendersonville - we weren't wow'ed by the shrimp skewer app, but my black + bleu burger was everything it was supposed to be and the Hiwire Oude Brett was a solid hit. Hotel was "rustic" but clean enough and we got a good night's sleep.

Woke early with Biscuit Head on our minds, but Miss's friends offered us breakfast so we stayed for coffee, juice, eggs, sausage casserole and fruit. Stole Sarah to stroll a little in Hendersonville downtown, particularly Shelley's Jewelry and the upcycle/curio shop next door. Headed to Asheville to visit Kress Emporium, lunch at Farm Burger (good burgers, I should have known better than to pick an IPA no matter how "juicy" and "multilayered" though), walked the Arboretum for an hour, returned to H'ville for birthday celebration at 4.

Despite deep divides in opinions about what exactly is "biblical", I managed to keep out of theological clashes. Exited before sundown to check in at Brookstone Lodge for the night. Got our Biscuit Head on shortly after opening with not too much of a waiting line, went back to the hotel for a nap, packed up and checked out to attend service at St. John in the Wilderness back in Flat Rock. The lesson touched on the onerous cut-and-dried written word surrounding Sabbath observation in the Gospel era, vs. the liberating blessing of the Sabbath given through the Living Word. This was a much-needed spirit cleansing after the not-so-subtle judgmentality we witnessed the previous day.

I was ready to go home but it wasn't too hard to talk me into a visit to Sierra Nevada's brewery/restaurant tourist destination. The restaurant was gourmet, not the pub grub we'd expected. I ordered a flight, the server sagely suggested a free 5th taster of Ovila Abbey White ale for Miss. In order of my preference: Otra Vez w/lime and agave was far and away the tastiest; then the Ovila, then Kellerweis; and Nooner pils and Southern Gothic tied for last. Pretzels and beer cheese dip. Trout almondine for me had a disappointing portion size of raw-smoked trout, not a broiled trout filet. The green beans and salad greens were fine though. Bison strip steak with bok choy and pureed kimchi for Miss may sound like an odd combo, but they sure made it work.

The mountain views on the road are the real stars of the Asheville road trip experience. Unfortunately you would need a real camera and the right lens and film to really capture the mystique. A cellphone cam, no matter how many megapixels, can't do justice. Nevertheless, we persisted.

Brisket quesadilla at On the Border was not as good as we remembered it. The $2 or $3 margaritas are a steal, even if you only get what you pay for booze-wise.

* * *

Wed 5/30 on my break I overheard a grandma calling her granddaughter to say she had conferred with the girl's mother and gotten permission to pay off her car loan, to releive some of the worry stress she was dealing with as an honors pre-law student. When she got off the phone I told her she's awesome, and I might have turned out very different if I had family so caring and giving, instead of grinding into me a miserable sense that my value was ultimately yoked to my labor, not my humanity.