wed posted: Wed 2018-06-13 21:04:20 tags: n/a
Less than 2 months in, the temp job saw enough value in my talents to offer to buy out my agency contract and hire me on. It's an easy commute and I feel like this will be an OK place to stabilize my job and credit history, so we dickered a little over rate and I feel pretty OK about where we ended up. I'll push for a job title change in the review cycle to break out of the "assistant" range ceiling as I continue proving my value.

Career change is a widely-recognized Significant Life Change. I'm not stressing out in an anxious "what if I fail" sense, but I am definitely stressing out - maybe more like "what if I get complacent and stagnate here". I have rebooted and reinvented my career enough times to be confident I can do that in a pinch. I have settled and cruised enough times to fear I can do that too.

* * *

I'd had it in my head for maybe a couple weeks that Miss Cupcake and I should, between sessions, confront the differences that nudged us to couples counseling. Maybe that's not a great idea, maybe I need to practice some patience and just trust the process. Whatever the case, it wasn't on my mind at a conducive time, until today. I'm not sure whether our resulting dialogue was productive, destructive, neither, or a mixed bag.

A few months back, I drummed up a questionnaire to identify and promote conversation about comfort zones and boundaries. What actually happened is it was just stonewalled entirely. Earlier in the day today I revisited that thought, and now I wish I'd prepared better to reintroduce the topic gently from the safe end of the spectrum. I don't know that that would be constructive either, but I can't just not-even-try.