sat posted: Sat 2018-06-23 04:58:29 tags: n/a
I dreamed Ed Eick littered my desk inside and out with stationery and hardcopy for some project he was working on, so I thought, eff this, I'm gonna repo all my stuff preparatory to looking for a new job - stuff like the red POTS handset I had installed in the conference room, and some books I wanted from the library... Lee was sitting in the dark in the conference room so I pretended I didn't see him, and just did some dream air-pirouetting, but at some point he hrm'ed and I tripped over a rack of pool cues and he started helping me clean that up, and then other people started wandering in so the handset reclaim was a no-go. Escaping that situation, I headed to the library. One of the books I was going to take was a Calvin + Hobbes but titled something like "Healing from Mental and Sexual Abuse". Again, too many people around to accomplish my goal. The library connected to an indoor shopping mall and the rest of the dream was wandering back to the exit near my parking spot? En route, I heard The Vapors "Turning Japanese" on the piped-in music and a woman nearby muttered what is that, and I uncharacteristically and chirpily volunteered the artist and song name, and added "...old school".

Because that's what it is, right? "Turning Japanese" is old-school. 1980, now that I'm awake to look it up. In the dream I was going to say "not Led Zeppelin old, but somehting something" but thought better of persisting in bending a stranger's ear. But in fact Led Zep broke up in '80, so yes, same era. Also, it's weird to me that in the dream I felt entitled to jack a book or books from the library, when, at least in the Lee era, I was spending money like water on books, not stealing things.

* * *

Mensa Weekly Brainwave: The Verge: repeating words registers as music to the brain, and why. Maybe this explains why I derive such pleasure from rhyming and alliteration, I'm making music the only way I know how without studying an instrument?