sat pt 2 posted: Sat 2018-06-23 09:02:22 tags: n/a
Opened a forex practice account, but every time I try to place a trade, I get a "was not possible to place a trade because instrument has stopped" message. (Guess which platform that is.) Turns out, the forex world is pretty much closed on Saturday.

Castle Aged, blogged, cleaned up some notebooked to-dos and wantlist stuff. Miss made breakfast, which I always appreciate. Reviewed bills coming due: electric, cable internet, car insurance, healthcare.

Emptied the dishwasher, loaded dishes to wash
Confirmed the fraudulent charges to my debit card would be reimbursed within ~10 business days
Confirmed a replacement card is on order, but learned there may be 2-3 weeks delay -_-
Opened interest savings acct to lose ground to inflation a little slower than my .05% "share" acct =p
folded and stowed clean clothes