mon posted: Mon 2018-06-25 06:32:03 tags: n/a
As I was walking up to my workplace, I remembered the other day when I nearly walked into a smallish gray or brown spider hanging on a strand of silk by the main door. And some thoughts passed through my mind about how it may seem silly but the number of spiders I want on me at any given time is zero. And then I didn't think about it any more until I reached my desk and felt a tickle on my collar area. So I brushed from the inside out, and in so doing, flipped a medium-small black spider onto my desk. So I froze a moment, and then slipped my shoe off and swatted it.


I think the department meeting could have been dispensed with and plans and marching orders given one-to-one and we would have saved about 4.5 man-hours.

With a name like Lucky 32, I just assumed Asian cuisine, but in fact it was Southern and Big Easy signature dishes like shrimp-n-grits, jambalaya, catfish, and pulled pork.

Monday is a heavy day in A/R. Maybe department meetings and taking key workhorse staff to long lunches would be a better idea on any freakin day but Monday?