sat posted: Sat 2018-06-30 16:18:15 tags: n/a
Miss made breakfast
Followed up with the credit union about where's the money that was fraudulently debited
Wthdrew pocket cash at the co-op credit union shared branch
En route to unload recycling, noticed Performance Bicycle and bought a bike
Unloaded recycling
State farmer's market - eggs, veggies, a lemon balm plant and a scotch bonnet pepper plant
Mal*wart - new hummingbird feeder, protein bars, household necessities
unloaded that all at home
Back out to pick up the bicycle and some margarita ingredients
unloaded all that at home
Szechuan Taste leftovers for lunch somewhere in there
Back out for groceries
Harris Teeter deli ribs, Harris Teeter's grandma's tater salad, corn on the cob for dindins
tired as ****