sun posted: Sun 2018-07-01 13:13:38 tags: n/a
Long thoughts about my truncated psych academics. I got disillusioned when I at-least-somewhat realized I was mostly looking for a "stealth cure" for the abusive rationalizations and manic obsessions of those around me, and psych had no magic wands to wave at that problem. It does no good to confront the schizophrenic and tell them they're hallucinating the voices. It does no good to sing the humanity of empathy and fairness to a sociopath or narcissist.

So I choose not to pursue a relationship with my father. I'm there if he ever wants to admit he doesn't really have selective amnesia, he knows he did a lot of shitty things to Mom and to other people and he can never make reparations but only ask forgiveness. I don't foresee that conversation happening in this lifetime, but never say never. But I'm not draining myself to keep offering the opportunities, not browbeating myself into phone calls where I have to work up a day's energy just to dial the digits.

* * *