sat posted: Sat 2018-07-07 09:23:25 tags: n/a
Fri eve: pizza; Gracie Curran + the High Falutin' Band at Blue Note Grill / Durham
Roze Raspberry Belgian / Jordan Lake Brewing Co. - A++ would beer again
The First Squeeze / Raleigh Brewing Co. - OK, nothing to write home about
Sour Monkey / Victory Brewing Co. - simultaneous bitter and sour that resembles nothing so much as acid reflux... there are other things I would drink first, but strangely I would also drink this again

Sat: wash dishes, sit out on the balcony listening to birds and rain
participate in meal planning, catch up on filing
pay fon and auto ins bills, update projection and balance sheet

Upcycle wine bottle hummingbird feeder was an instagram repost from k*****fish.com but I went to that site and a search for "hummingbird" returned nothing about feeders so