sat posted: Sat 2018-07-28 05:57:42 tags: gaming
Castle Age: pierce general alliance revisited again
One of my treasure chest pulls from the Meteorite bonus pool was a second copy of general Ender. So I got thinking about rearranging my general alliances and maybe leveling up Ender, but then I half-remembered I had crunched numbers to figure out ultimate pierce alliances before. The conclusion was Annika (or Guinevere) primary, Gale secondary and aim for Kitsune tertiary if I ever get her. I kinda wish I had thought about this before I sank 60-75 each of red and green evolution crystals into Annika, but I have too much invested in her now to switch over to Guinevere, so there we are.

Ender was recalibrated at some point though. I think he surpasses Annika at a much lower level now. Unfortunately the wiki does not show his physical pierce past L25 (+68 p.pierce). It looks like his pierce increases by 1 per level, vs. Annika's 2 per level capping out at +88 at L80. If so, then Ender maxes out at 124 pierce. I'm not sure how rank-up affects cap-level abilities. As my previously blogged analyses noted, with strictly average chest pull results, it would cost upward of $3000 in FP to promote Ender to rank 5, vs. $55ish for Annika. Also, I think "chest generals" are more costly to level up than "oracle generals". So it may be that Ender remains a mere showpiece.