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Examined 1-year dividend returns on Vanguard ETF types per Merriman's "ultimate buy and hold portfolio". Maybe dividends alone are not a fair gauge of ETF performance, but if that's the metric then even the best of the domestic-sector Vanguard ETFs, REIT sector fund VNQ, led the pack with a yawnworthy 4.3% 1-year ROI. Meanwhile, the brokerage house that started offering Vanguard commission-free, prompting this research in the first place, also offers commission-free SRET, GYLD and others that have exceeded 7% dividend yield in the time I've tracked them. And if you're going to gamble on an REIT ETF, then REM's 9.5% APY history drives the worth-the-commission bar pretty low. What's the average pop brokerage house commission these days, $6.95/trade?

$500 in VNQ for 1 year returned $21.50
$500 in REM for 1 year returned $49.30