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Fage 5% (formerly "Total") greek yogurt 18g protein / 190 kcal = .0947 p.index

Weight loss science revisited
A pound of body fat represents about 3500 calories of excess food energy consumed. Therefore, in order to lose 1 lb., you have to consume less food energy than you spend. Therefore, a daily deficit of 500 calories translates to 1# weight loss per week. A sedentary man of my age, height and weight burns about 2100 cal/day just being alive. Therefore if I limit my intake to 1600 cal/day, I'll lose 1#/week. The rule of thumb for safe weight loss is 2# per week, i.e. a deficit of 1000 cal/day. That means limiting my calorie intake to 1100/day. If you're accustomed to emotional snacking and judging a meal substandard unless you "feel full", that's going to be a tough limit to work with. If, like me, you tend to not do breakfast and then pig out at lunchtime on a Wendy's Dave's Double (810 cal) and a side of 6pc chx nuggets (250 cal), then you're pretty much setting yourself up to fail with the first thing you put in your mouth at suppertime.

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The standard disclaimer is ACH transfer from brokerage to checking can take up to 3 days, but I initiated the transfer yesterday morning and it cleared overnight so that's good.

Back in March? April? I bought SRET at 14.27ish/share, and cashed out Tue at 15.57/share, = 9.09% growth in under 6 months. (Plus monthly dividends.) Miss was beating herself up, but I promised and expected that I would have her back financially while we get ourselves re-established on high ground. I could have just left $856.33 sitting in savings or checking, losing ground to inflation from April to now, but this way instead I was able to pull out $934.20. It was in brokerage because it's not retirement savings or OMFG-level emergency funds represented by my CD account. I feel fine and dandy about how it grew and how I'm going to use it.

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I had a cassette-tape copy of "Queen's Greatest Hits". Over the years as we progressed through CD and digital distro, I learned there was no universal tracklist - it mutated depending on regional radio market popularity of individual tracks. The tracklist that sounds most "right" to me is the 1981 US/Canada edition.