sat - RIP Dad posted: Sat 2018-09-08 08:53:07 tags: family
Trump's Supreme Court nom lied repeatedly under oath because OF COURSE Trump's Supreme Court nom lied repeatedly under oath! I could expect no less from the nominee of a habitual, pathological liar, one who surrounds himself with other liars, all seemingly hand-picked precisely for the quality of willingness to spout lies with an earnestly straight face.

It'd be interesting to hear an expert interrogator analyze Trump and his puppets' public appearances for telltale lying signals.

When somebody dies, we like to be able to say "they touched many lives" or "they were a fountain of small kindnesses" or celebrate what they gave to the community as a teacher, a parent, a healthcare professional, etc.

There is not much of any of that to say about my father. I don't see any upside in repeating a litany of his failures and outright depredations. He did OK at accumulating money, although he cut a lot of corners and explored some shady routes toward that end. If the challenge is "make money with integrity", no, I wouldn't say he succeeded even at that. What does that leave? He dutifully supported his parents, and Uncle Dan. He gave his daughters really nice weddings.