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Yesterday: refreshed hummer feeder, temporarily dispositioned home-grown red scotch bonnet peppers to the freezer, rounded out our hurricane supply kit at Mal*wart, grocery run and script resupply. A couple eps of Monk (S4).

Wake Co. municipality populations (1.024M, 2015)
Raleigh: 458,800 (2016)
Cary: 162,320
Apex: 47,349
Wake Forest: 40,112
Holly Springs: 33,280
Garner: 28,776
Fuquay-Varina: 25,865
Morrisville: 24,732
Knightdale: 14,794
Rolesville: 6,962
Wendell: 6,745
Zebulon: 5,159

I get Meetup emails for new groups they think might be of interest to me. Sometimes the "we think you might be interested in" algorithm is thuddingly stupid, for example today when I got an email alerting me to the formation of a "NC MGOTW/MRA" group. ROFL

"MGTOW" and "MRA" stand for "men going their own way" and "men's right activism". Since we've entered a Bizarro newspeak era, of course "men's rights" is code for "attacking women's rights", just like "religious liberty" has become right-wing code for "claiming religion as a free pass to exclude, scapegoat and disadvantage the vulnerable". Likewise, donning the cape of "men's rights champion" when men as a group are still generally more advantaged than women in many institutions, is about as courageous as being a "White Christian rights activist" in South Dakota. Mofo, you're surrounded by White Christians, you own all the land and run all the businesses. You have all the privilege, your tribe is in power, so it's not about defending your "rights", it's about preserving your unearned PRIVILEGE. If it was just about men getting together to lend each other support in "familiar-and-comfortable-because-we're-arbitrarily-socialized-that-way" ways, I wouldn't bat an eyelash.

"Going their own way" is a fundamental misnomer because it whitewashes and normalizes the toxicity of MGTOW positions: that gender identity entitles a group to exclusive spaces; that women are the cause of a constellation of tensions, rather than simply targets of warped tribalist hatred; that men who DON'T wall themselves off from loving relationship with women are weak and compromised.