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Pence is a greasy coward, but I don't believe he's stupid enough to pen a supposedly anonymous op-ed virtually thumbprinted with an immediately-recognizable pet word that jumps out from his previous public communications. It reeks of false flag.

BusinessInsider: 6 things that makes life shorter/longer and sadder/happier (depending on your habitual bias)
1. (avoid) Smoking and alcohol
2. (get more) Education
3. Happy childhood (but "what went right" was more much more predictive than "what went wrong")
4. Strong relationship skills (as in, you can develop skills to build nourishing relationships)
5. Mature coping skills
6. Generativity

The Nearly Now: the carbon bubble
tl;dr - the reality of climate change means fossil fuel, coastal real estate, and carbon-positive industrial process are part of a bubble. These 3 things are perceived and capitalized as if they were very valuable, and forces are aligned to pressure governmental policy and enmeshed market cogs to keep them high-value. How much coastal real estate are REITs and derivatives like SRET and REM invested in? How are banks going to handle the losses when pipelines shut down ahead of their

What's the opposite of a market bubble? This guy proposes "panic" as the antithesis of the "irrational enthusiasm" characteristic of a bubble. If coastal real estate is overvalued, then conversely inland real estate must be undervalued. There's a coastal-real-estate bubble and an inland-real-estate _? Vacuum? Sinkhole? Prejudice? If "bubble" conveys a nuance of "irrational attraction" then we want a word that equally conveys irrational aversion, e.g. "phobia".