mon posted: Mon 2018-09-24 16:32:03 tags: n/a
Fri: up at 2am to drive to Bedford PA by noonish? nap, walked to Bedford Square and around downtown a little, dinner at Jean Bonnet (pronounce fraunchish, i.e. zhan buhNAY). I would have tried their famous apple cider pork loin but everyone seemed to be going a burgers-and-sandwiches route so I figured it would be polite to follow suit. Played 5-6 hands of Apples to Apples, and by then I was tired enough for bedtime.

Sat: Breakfast at Green Harvest Co? and drove to Lyndhurst. Picked up IC cake, wine. 15 minute nap, then dressed for 4:30 meet with Pastor Pete. XL basket of cheer. Dindins at La Riviera Trattoria / Clifton. Afterparty back in Lyndhurst.

Sun: Walked down to the riverside county park with Miss and surveyed the flood-muddied banks of the mighty Passaic. Pizza, IC cake, a dear old friend from my HS D+D days came by. Got a very cold but not quite downright rude email from my cousin regarding my father's estate.

Mon: Said our goodbyes and got on the road around 8. Called the lawyer's office and the funeral home to introduce myself and set gears in motion. Stopped at the house to recon a little. Groceries, and home by sunset.