wed posted: Wed 2018-09-26 11:14:29 tags: bodines
Lost a couple hours sleep in the wee hours yesterday morning, so I was overtired at work and by the time I got home I was ready to open my last prezzies and enjoy a nice dinner with Miss and play with my Cookie Clicker garden til bedtime. Won $4 on a gift lottery ticket.

Honey-ginger salmon, green beans, and spicy veggie app assortment (wood ear shrooms, zucchini and seaweed) from Szechuan Taste
Apothic Dark red blend = win

Called the detective to arrange to retrieve personal effects and confirm the weapon would be destroyed. Called the funeral home to nudge them to contact me. Emailed the paralegal to ask about their fee structure and indicate the urgency of discovery regarding insurance.

Killed a War*malt white button-down shirt by sticking a pen in the pocket without the cap.

SRET is down by ~4% since I divested at +9% up from purchase price, so, that was great timing.