wed posted: Wed 2018-10-03 06:46:31 tags: n/a
When you tjink how the panel would answer a Family Feud question about "things grown-ups do"... "administer probate and execute a will" are not something that springs to mind? But now that I'm in this, I feel like it is one of the most sobering, responsible tasks I've ever taken on.

"I'm in a pickle" is probably going to stick in my mind eternally as one of those groanings of the Holy Spirit.

* * *

I never heard (or noticed) The Wallflowers' 1996 "One Headlight" until Youtube started shoving it in my face repeatedly while I was trying to ID that Squeeze "If I Didn't Love You" song. I guess I wasn't listening to Grammy-winner radio much since before 1996?

Yes - A Venture

Some people find sad songs cathartic. There's a line between catharsis and wallowing unhealthily. That lime can be pretty blurry; who's to say if Pat needs to listen to "The Last Look at Mother" twelve times and Hunter needs to listen to it 20 times to work through their grief or whatever?