thu posted: Thu 2018-10-04 06:13:11 tags: n/a
up early, coffee, Miss made a hearty breakfast before our notary visit errand
locksmith, attorney doc submission and lawn mowing scheduled
+1 strong cup of coffee and a 100mg pill at work = feeling better than flat.

* * *

Coworkers were talking about Donnie and Marie still performing, and I compared to Carol Burnett with the caveat that I was more into cartoons and Muppets in that era. But I do remember marking my calendar for Welcome Back Kotter and Charlie's Angels on my 1976 Tolkien calendar, too. The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman. Dukes of Hazard. Charlie's Angels. I thought a little about the values glorified or transmitted by the TV of my formative years, but I have no conclusions.

Alongside Dad's NPD diagnosis, there was also a bipolar diagnosis. His mother had the same thing, and up until I figured out a lot of things about myself in 2007-2008, I demonstrated some un-self-aware swings.