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The blawg front page is due for a bit of an overhaul. The vendor links could be replaced with a single google docs link in the flickr spot.

Quarterly + autumn tasks

Lord Corp.
encrypted notes - which card for gas, restaurants, grocery etc.
blog - Pink Floyd album chronology walkthru
Vera Bradley backpacks - solid black quilted design
Costco - discounts on Chritian Bros. auto services

I have a cousin who, among religiously-seeded patriarchist rants, recently vomited forth a diatribe against dang ol libruls for insulting his precious white heritage. Nevermind that Jesus was neither white nor Christian.

Today I also got a Meetup notification about a newly forming Durham group that aims to cultivate "white identity". Their cover image bears the legend "it's OK to be white". Well, this Indigenous Peoples' Day, my thought is - yes of course it's OK to be white? just as it's OK to be black, Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern, Eskimo, whatever. Why is "black pride", "gay pride", "Puerto Rican pride" etc. OK but "Straight White Christened Male Pride" is not? Because histoirically and even contemporarily, there are those who want non-whites, non-straights, etc. to feel not-OK, not-safe, not-valued. "White pride" is exactly that banner of anti-everything-else contempt.