tue posted: Tue 2018-10-09 06:11:32 tags: n/a
Early to bed, woke a few times in the night. A little light cardio to start the day, forgot my fon holder and seltzer in my rush out the door.

Been on a Zappa kick yesterday and today. A significant amount of his work lacks instrumental hooks, or might be somewhat instrumentally virtuous but is dominated by frivolous vocals, and thus never gained much pop traction - whole albums like "Sleep Dirt" or "Studio Tan".

I guess I vaguely knew about this at one time but never realized the ramifications for distribution - there was a legal snarl when Zappa had a falling-out with agents Herb and Martin Cohen, which put his contractual obligations in a sort of limbo and effectively killed release of 3 or 4 albums in the 70s.