tue posted: Tue 2018-10-16 09:06:15 tags: n/a
Mon eve: Boneless pork ribs - 2 tbsp coconut aminos instead of half+half soy sauce and coconut aminos. Came out tender and delish still. Organized a lot of back history statements and misc docs from the estate. Combed the recycles box one last time for the missing notebook, no luck.

Today: Within minutes of getting to work, my coworker bumped into me on my way out of the kicthen with a cup of coffee. Splashd my front, went home to change, needed to withdraw for an hour so I did. FB-messaged dad's friend from childhood (and his daughter) about scattering ashes at the cabin. Couple of protein blueberry muffins and a cheddar melt rolillo.