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Last night's Nerd Nite:
1. Client-centered process adjustment - presenter
2. Improv
3. Torture throughout history

Freud's birthdate: May 6, 1856

The talk on client-centered process engineering made some points that should be obvious - most of all "listen to the [client]" - but often become obscured by service provider prejudice. We saw this for a long time in ISP or software tech support, where the troubleshooting tech was bound to follow a sequence of checks that ignored tech-savvy clients' due diligence - can we not waste 10 minutes rebooting the computer, the router, the cablemodem when clearly the problem is an email server port block policy.

The presenter made a great example of Denver's business licensing office, which tried to bandage their excessively time-consuming licensing process by serving free fro-yo instead of fixing the real problem, which was inflexible, poorly chunked workflow.

At work our problem is subcontractors not getting paid timely, aggravated by misstatement or sheer lack of communication about realistic expectations for payment times. The bandage - promises to "personally" review their file regularly - is a recipe for failure. We have subcontractors keenly identifying the failure of policy, yet there does not seem to be a spotlight on corrective action. I mean, I know there are efforts being made, but as far as I know there has been no concerted, organization-wide acknowledgment of the crux of the problem or any consistent procedure for addressing the backlash and inevitable inefficiencies it causes.