tue posted: Tue 2018-10-23 14:02:21 tags: tech, cars
Battled through automated menu system to close one of the credit accounts under the estate. (Rhymes w/ "sh*tty")

New battery since the Fiat was suddenly only barely starting on cold mornings... seems much better
Rcvd 28" 4K monitor... gorgeous, now the desk needs some rearranging :D
Had to change the "Wide mode" firmware setting to "1:1" so that the desktop wouldn't extend past the physical screen.

Discovered a line of credit hanging out there only because it was the "protection" account for overdrafts on the closed account... not very impressed with the bank's diligence there

Not sure why, but Miss and I both had heartburn after Sunday's chx pot pie. I bore mine stoically, but now if I get hungry, it registers again as heartburn. The only thing I can think is the substitution of olive oil for butter?