mon posted: Mon 2018-10-29 05:31:15 tags: tech, finance
Since I got the new 28" monitor, every time it woke up from screensaver timeout, I found all the windows I'd put on the larger desktop had been moved by Win10 to the integral monitor's desktop. Minor, but annoying. With a little research I found a suggestion to change the scaling factor so both monitors match - in this, case, 125% (because 100% is illegibly tiny on this 4K beast). Voila, seems fixed.

Uploaded credit, expense/budget and income statements to the financial planner
Last time I tried to get online access to my SSA account, probably in '13 or '14, for some reason I felt like "none of the above" shouldn't be a legit answer, and that tripped me up. I guess I've gotten more savvy about the format and today I was able to retrieve a retirement benefits report. (Hint: you can't live on Social Security alone, lol)

Dr. Chapman of "5 Love Languages" fame also hypothesizes 5 "apology languages".