session 93: the extra mile posted: Sat 2012-03-31 15:52:58 tags: fitness
session 93: 4.4mi / ~60m. Half-lap warm-up, 2mi / 6.1mph, another lap (or two?) at 5.7, long cooldown which put me at 41m and seconds at 3.3mi, another stretch at speed, cooldown and finished with 2.5 laps at 6.5mph.

Dinner: reprising the Subway $5 footlong of the month, tuna jalapeno (sans jalapeno... my sandwich artist claims people are "raving" about it, but it's very rare that I see anyone order jalapenos when I'm there, so I think they're just farting rainbows to revitalize a stagnant jalapeno market.) They were really busy when I got there, but at least they had spinach which is more than I can say for yesterday's visit.