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Midterm elections flipped the House blue, so there's a brake on Agent Orange's worst excesses. It's looking like Gillum and Abrams did not win their states. O'Rourke probably didn't prevail over Cruz but the razor-thin margins in midterms should be a warning to the GOP to rethink extremism. (hahaha... as if... probably just illegally gerrymander some more because as NC has demonstrated, there are no meaningful penalties and the courts won't make you backtrack before elections anyway)

Out of the blue Miss related that she'd try a new recovery group. My own gains from recovery groups were something that I kind of drifted away from last summer and never picked up again once we moved here. It helped. I developed some better vocabulary for boundary-navigation and feelings in general, and gained some helpful perspectives. I am by no means "complete" and I would undoubtedly gain from getting back into a group. Also, recommitting to the church as the present vessel and mirror of God's love in the world.

to do today:
water Zena
pay fon bill
make a decision and complete forms for non-annuity portion of IRA distro
Costco - protein bars, shirts (white +2 prints)

My Youtube wanderings led me past Jethro Tull and I remembered hey, I saw Tull in concert once (Crest of a Knave tour would be 1987?) And I remembered I had reminisced to Miss a couple times about concerts attended and wished I had a better record of shows attended, from Kiss (1977ish?) to I guess Radiohead (2003? '04?) was the last arena-class band I saw live.

Costco brands its own protein bars so that's good. Shirt stock seemed to have been pushed aside for winter sweaters and outerwear. Boo. Instant coffee looks questionable whether it's a real savings over Cafe Bustelo, and I'm not enthused about the Nescafe brand.

Figured out how much is available to pay off estate debts and made some payments to mail last night. Mailed them and took trash out this morning.

Categorized a majority of expenses in one stream, which reminded me there's around 3700 due back from the estate for expenses incurred before the estate had an account to pay its own bills. So we need to at least tally up mileage and add that to an expense report. I was a bit stunned the other day when I caught up recording statement balances from the past few months, and noted a breathtaking 11K drop in one month.

* * *

Not sure if I drank coffee at home this morning, and a carafe was mid-brew when I arrived at work so I did a 100mg pill.

Jesus proclaimed He would "set sons against their fathers", dividing even close family relationships.