thu posted: Thu 2018-11-08 07:50:57 tags: n/a
coffee + pumpernickel muffin; miserable morning traffic on Tryon through S64 past the rt 1 intersection. Cookie dough Costco protein bar and 100mg caf at work.

Made sandwiches directly after dinner last night, which was probably a much better sequence than waiting until 9pm or whatever to start prepping the next day's lunch.

Called St.G for Kay's number to ensure we get the wedding date reserved; Kay answered and got my reservation payment info.
Miss - previous marriage and divorce certificates
movies coming soon - Crimes of Grindelwald; At Eternity's Gate; Aquaman; Captain Marvel;

inulin 15g/da vs. methylcellulose

* * *

I guess I got spoiled by the wealth of options for ACoA meetings in SoFla. Just about any day of the week there was a group within 10 miles, or not very far off my commute route. Here there's about 3 per week actually active within 10 mi of my ZIP. Granted, Wake Co is less densely populated but still, I guess I assumed more religiosity would mean more spiritual resource density?
7 habits some blogger was breaking in ACoA recovery
People-pleasing, over-responsibility; weak boundaries
Ignoring my own feelings
Trying to control others (but was this ever really a big problem of mine?)
Avoiding new situations
Seeing myself as a victim
Reading into other people's actions