session 94 posted: Mon 2012-04-02 02:41:47 tags: fitness
Sunday brunch: microwave burrito trio. Got to the gym around 5:45 or 6PM , and it was mostly empty -just like I like it. Not thrilled about their changing hours: opening 5AM instead of 6 weekdays, which does nothing for me, and closing 6PM intead of 8 weekends, which cramps my weekend style. They'll be open til 2 Easter Sunday.

It was a bodybuilding session, 3 passes, with multiple sets punctuated by short breathers at most stations. Arm curl: 10x 30#, rest, repeat, rest repeat. 10-12x 70# row, 10-12x 30# rear delt, row, rear delt, row, rear delt. 10x 50# arm extension; 20-30x 90# ab crunch; back to arm extension; onward to 16x 90# chest press. 16x 70# leg curl.

That was just one pass, so, for example, on the row / rear delt station the session total was 90-100 reps per position. I left the squat press alone entirely. Weigh-out: 186#.

Target had belts in the actual size and color I wanted, but no house-brand "Merona" briefs and no hot water bottles, so I hit up Walmart. Neither store had the Sterilite "outdoor" storage boxes I want for kitchen and bath kits. Maybe it was an experimental product that just didn't catch on.

By the time I finished sifting through 2 stuporstores and got home it was nearly 9PM. Had pizza delivered and sucked down the last SR.

update on Sterilite kit boxes, a very similar item in 20-qt capacity is now marketed with the phrase "gasket box", sealing (pun lol) its niche as the supersize food storage solution for, say, pasta and cereal when you're concerned about pests. For even larger sizes, consider "airtight" and "pet food" storage.